WI Advisers


Here are our WI Advisers for Herefordshire; underneath each photograph you will find the names of the WI's that they are responsible for.  All WI Advisers make up the Membership Support Team.

Please contact your adviser if you have any questions about the running of your WI.  Advisers are also available to talk to your WI on any WI subject.

( updated November 2022)

To find out the day and time that a particular WI meets, go to the Find a WI section of the website.

Alison Lord

Alison is a member of Staunton on Arrow WI

Alison is responsible for the following WIs: Brimfield, Dilwyn, Dorstone, Eardisley, Eardisland, Eye, Huntington (Kington), Kimbolton,  Kington, Kingsland, Leominster Lasses, Moccas, Staunton on Arrow, The Pyons, Weobley.

Shared responsibility for: Pontrilas, Longtown & District

Contact details for Alison are: email: rhyselanerose@gmail.com 07896888629  including text and WhatsApp

Cherril Watkins

Cherril is a member of Cradley WI and a dual member of Broadheath with Rushwick WI and Munsley & District WI

Cherril is responsible for the following WIs: Allensmore, Bishopswood, Colwall WINGS,  Ledbury,  Llangrove, Llanwarne, Parkway, Peterstow, Preston Wynne, Putley, Saltmarshe & District,  The Sparkling Wye, Tupsley, Upton Bishop, Wellington, Woolhope.

Shared responsibility for: Pontrilas and Longtown & District, 

Contact details for Cherril are: cherril247@aol.co.uk  07970939806 including text and WhatsApp

Joy Edwards

Joy is a member of Cradley WI and a dual member of Munsley  & District WI

Joy is responsible for the following WIs:  Aston Ingham,  Bosbury, Cradley, Hampton Bishop, Holmer, Little Hereford, Marden,  Much Cowarne, Orleton,  Pencombe & District, Stoke Edith & Tarrington, Stoke  Prior & District, The Suttons, Wye Women .

Contact details for Joy are: joyedwardswi@yahoo.com, 07811 889358 including text and WhatsApp