Digital Information


All full WI members can access the many varied sessions offered free on the new WI
Learning Hub.   Non-members can join the sessions but will pay from £5 upwards per


  • You must be a full member of the WI.

    Ensure that your email contact details are correct on the MCS.  This is essential.  If you are
    not sure, ask your MCS representative or contact the office.
  • Log on to MyWI.  This has improved greatly and is now quite simple.  Any difficulty, ask for
    help from the Federation Digital Champion, Alison, on 01544 340256 or 07896 888629 or
    email  Alison will help with all your digital problems.
  • On the first page of MyWI, in the top left is the link ‘Welcome to the WI Learning Hub’.  Click
    on this which will take you to the Hub.  Read the first page and where it says ‘Read More’,
    click on this.
  • You now have a choice of events – Live Courses or Access Anytime.  Try Live Courses first. 
    Click on the picture and that will bring up six options.  Try ‘View All Courses’, have a look at
    the many options and chose one.  Full details of the course will be shown.  Click on ‘Book
    Now’.  Select that one person is joining.  Even if two or more are going to watch, the one is
    for a single device.
  • Scroll down and follow the simple instructions.  Do not be put off by the fact that there is a
    sum due figure on the right side of the page.  When you reach the last page that figure will
    disappear because you have come through MyWI which shows that you are a full member.
    The joining details will now appear in your inbox.  At the end of the joining details there will
    be instructions, if applicable, for the course which you can print off.
  • There is such a wide choice of courses, talks and demonstrations that they cannot be listed
    here.  Should you experience any difficulties, contact Alison or Caroline Miller at WI House
  • on Thursdays or Fridays or email


  • FACEBOOK: If you would like to put something about your WI on Facebook.  please either send it by email to Alison Lord (address below), (Caroline Miller) or (Christy Crouch) as we are all admins of the Federation Facebook page.
  • There is also a blue button saying message; you can also copy and paste your report on a message and attach any photos and this will be picked up and put on the page direct.

Alison Lord              01544 340256  07896888629


  • Herefordshire has its own section on the NFWI website. You can access the Herefordshire pages at this address:
  • NFWI WEBSITE: Would you like to be a web editor for your WI?  By default, your WI will have a details page that shows the WI’s meeting address, time etc. under FIND A WI.
  • WI Web Editors create new pages under the details page to give website visitors more insight into their WI.
  • If this interests you, please get in touch!

Alison Lord              01544 340256  07896888629


  • Could all MCS representatives please check through their list of members to ensure that they are accurate and all email addresses are included as they will only ever be used for WI communication.
  • It’s even more important now that your members’ details are up to date as the Federation newsletter is being delivered to members’ email addresses.
  • If you change your meeting time, day, venue or anything else update this on the MCS as this is the only way that the website page ‘Find a WI’ will be updated.

Please get in touch if you need any assistance.

Alison Lord              01544 340256  07896888629