HFWI Committees

Membership Support

The MSC consists of all WI Advisers and their supporters.  It supports the individual WIs around the County and is principally concerned with the role of the WI Advisers and their interaction with the WIs and the formation of new WIs.  The Committee runs workshops for WI Officers and any other workshops that are deemed appropriate at the time.  It also organizes the Speakers' Audition evening where potential speakers get the opportunity to give a short presentation to members. Those approved of by the members are invited to be included in the Federation Annual Year Book.  Additionally this Committee makes a presentation at the Annual Council Meeting which includes information about the current Resolutions and how to vote for them.

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The Fundraising Committee holds events throughout the year to raise money for the Federation.  There is no set limit on the number or format of the events but they do include the annual WI County Quiz.

Cicely Symonds

Sandra Walker

Leisure and Pleasure

The Leisure and Pleasure subcommittee organises a variety of events during the year in different venues. We have had a Boule experience, a ten pin bowling session and a twenty week course of Walking Netball in partnership with English Netball. Walking Netball is still being played in a couple of centres where members are always welcome. Future events and experiences are being planned and we welcome suggestions of activities in which members would like to participate.

Pat Lemin

Jacqui Woodhouse

Education and Public Affairs

In addition to the volunteer members of the Committee, Chaired by Veronica Madgen, the Denman Ambassador, Campaigns Representative and Leisure and Pleasure chairman report to this Committee as well as to the Board of Trustees. We welcome updates from the ACWW representative who keeps us informed of projects and progress around the world. The Education Committee is committed to the organisation of the International Evening usually in November and also two very popular competitions which take place on alternate years, namely the Joy Ward Silver Trophy Poetry Competition from titles chosen by the committee and the Cogan Cup, for the spoken word, usually held in September. The winning Institute may be asked to perform at the Annual Council Meeting.

Chairman: Veronica Madgen Trustee

Margaret Simcock: Denman Ambassador

Cicely Symonds: Campaigns Representative

Pat Lemin: Leisure and Pleasure Chairman

Hazel Penwill: ACWW Representative

Creative Arts

Sandra Walker

Caroline Wright